70 lbs. of lettuce that was harvested for local community programs that the farm works in which we provide healthier produce.
Cibecue Community School purchasing freshly picked lettuce from the farm.

The farm is aiming to increase distribution of produce to community members through the Apache Farmer’s Market, local tribal programs, local schools, and Ndee Bikiyaa Market.

Currently we work with 3 local schools and 6 tribal programs. As the seasons change the farm will provide a wide range of produce; fresh lettuce, tomatoes, squash, garlic, cucumbers, Apache corn, and even wild foods that the Apache people ate. Alongside with selling the produce to tribal business, the farm has an Apache Farmer’s Market that happens in two locations: Whiteriver & Cibecue. The farm also accepts EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) that the community can use to purchase locally grown produce and products.

Apache Farmer’s Market Schedule

Contact the farm Distribution Manager if you are interested in purchasing from the farm or any questions about Distribution.

Distribution Manager: Shalitha Peaches

Email: shalithapeaches@wmat.us

Phone: 928-388-4271